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I ran across my notepad from last year, it listed goals for 2019 and not far down on the list was double underlined the words consistently blog..While I crushed many goals last year, blogging obviously wasn’t one of them! So it’s a new year, new decade and new goals. Even if it’s almost February! Can you guess what one of my goals for 2020 is? What?! You guessed it right my goal is to consistently blog every Tuesday! It will be dubbed TWOsday talk. I figured that goes right along with my business name Twenty Toes! Which if you didn’t know, is named after my twins, my very own set of Twenty Toes. As they have grown their toes of course aren’t near as cute..Ha However I’m reminded of those little toes that once fit in the palm of my hand and the very reason I started this business. With the help of my team we have chosen topics we think would benefit all readers! I hope you will bookmark this to your favorites and come back each week for more TWOsday talk! It’s going to be great!

If you are like me and are just starting your goal list for 2020, here are some things I have done in the past that have worked, the key for me is sticking with it! ha 2020 is THE year! Join me on this journey of sticking with our goals!

1) Create a Visual board We have been doing lots of women empowering/boudoir sessions lately we work with women daily. With that I have learned even more how important having a visual board really means, much like pictures can boost a woman’s confidence, a visual board can motivate and give confidence to succeed. Wether it be a piece of paper that says blog as a reminder of the blog goal, a picture of a vegetable to help remember to eat those veggies, a picture of oneself, perhaps to get healthier or to never go back, a family picture  to look at for the why on those hard days and to remember to balance time wisely. Empowering inspirational quotes are some of my favorite, it’s an affirmation that is needed especially in a world that makes it easy for our minds to subconsciously tell ourselves we aren’t good enough or we speak negatively to ourselves. My visual board is front and center so I see it everyday.

2) Goal List I started writing down a goal list from the very start of creating my photography business. I truly believe it’s what has helped me stay the course. If you fail like I did last year on blogging, just keep trying again! Build motivation off of what was accomplished. If you never have a list it’s hard to  push yourself to keep going. Let's plan for success!

3) Block Schedule I have found if I don’t tell my time what to do, it flies out the window. Can you relate? I mean how awkward would it be to tell someone, yes I blocked off 2 hours and 20 minutes for social media, that would seem lazy right? Yet according to Digital Information World the average social media user spends over 2 hours and 20 minutes on social media DAILY! Block scheduling really helped me stay on track last fall, when life was super crazy busy, this year I’m really making sure those minutes don’t fly out the window, yet that they are accounted for.

What are some things YOU do to stick to your goals?

Stay tuned for Next Tuesday, we will be talking all about Giving back to the Community and our annual give back to the community sessions!



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