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Digital images vs. Printed images

It's Twosday Talk and we are so glad to have you here!

“Looking for a photographer that gives digital images only” I’m sure you’ve seen this in your local mom groups or even on a friends profile, or perhaps YOU have asked for it. Let’s face it we are all living in a digital age so why not choose digitals?! After all you can print yourself on your time.

Let’s get real, how many images did you print in 2019? Do you know if your digital images are backed up? If I asked you to print something that happened in 2002 would you be able to find it? Or would you scroll through your 10,000 images in the cloud and become overwhelmed? Perhaps you’d search the ipads in the house telling yourself you should of printed because you’d remember where those are!

Do you remember the last time you flipped through a photo album? Do you remember the album, do you remember the emotion you felt? Do you feel the same way when you look at your digital images as you do looking at the computer/phone screen?

As a society we have grown accustomed to the digital world, the fast paced and everyone is busy environment. While it definitely has its advantages, as a photographer I’m worried that this generation won’t have portrait heirlooms to look at when they are grown. They won’t get to experience the joy and emotion of flipping through a photo album because they only had digitals as a child. Can we really trust the internet storage to be around? Or will it phase out like Floppies, VHS, Cd's, and soon to be USBs. Definitely some things to think about when it comes to preserving special memories and milestones.

At the end of the day as a photographer and mom I would actually choose both and thus the reason I include both in the collections we offer. It ensures our clients have digitals for social media yet still have heirlooms to pass on. As much as I want to believe you are going to print later, I’d rather save YOU some time and print professionally for you on archival safe products! As I’ve stated before, when we capture images we aren’t just thinking about today but 10 years from now.

Cherish it, Capture it, Preserve it. Let us serve you!

Are you wanting to preserve your images and want both digitals and printed artwork? Let's chat!

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